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The Mobux Advantage suite of products is designed to add value to your business in a number of ways. Designed for ease of use, low cost of ownership and rapid installation times, these applications will give your business the competitive edge. Mobux has teams of developers located in South Africa, Serbia, India and the US. These highly skilled professionals provide technical and business support services to our customers globally.

The core Mobux platform is extremely robust and allows for various modules to be integrated into a complete offering that supports:

  • Secure mobile transactions
  • Card based web purchases
  • Secure gift vouchers
  • Cell to cell top up
  • Point of sale top up
  • Loyalty vouchers
  • Complete management and accounting
  • Systems integration into banking systems and network operators
  • Systems integration into retail platforms
  • Real time accounting and voucher dispensing
  • Any value dispensing
  • Client message management (SMS/MMS)
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