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Dirk Jonker

Dirk has an MBA in Strategic Management, is a founder member of Mobux and has been responsible for managing international relations, marketing and sales. As a successful farmer and winemaker, Dirk initially created the vision for Mobux as a means for payment of rural workers in the farming districts of South Africa. He rapidly grew the business and, with his co-founders, developed the infrastructure, intellectual property and business relationships required to launch a successful financial services company.

Graeme van der Velde

Graeme is a serial entrepreneur of the best kind – highly experienced in developing commercial opportunities, he brings Mobux a vast network of international business relationships in the US, Europe and the Far East. He has experience in diverse industries from industrial manufacturing to wireless communications.

Jeffrey D. Spence

Jeff is a highly experienced player from the technology investment industry. He is a physicist and engineer by training. He has held CEO-level roles for most of his career in the wireless and telecommunications fields. More recently he has been Managing Director of Hestiun Telecomms, part of the Hestiun Group, and has also managed several ventures within the investment banking field.

Jeff manages Mobux’s international investor relationships and spearheads our regional market entries.

John Golby

John has spent twenty years in the technology industry, with roles spanning wireless communications, digital television, broadband service provision and information technology. He has worked within international corporates such as Pace Micro Technology, Flextronics, NTL (now Virgin Media), Motorola and Comcast, and South African internet market leaders such as MWEB and Storm Telecom (now Vox Telecom).

John manages Mobux’s international operations, strategic planning and programme rollout. He has a Master’s Degree in Electronic Engineering and an MBA in Strategic Management.

Marius Nicholson

Marius is a veteran of the media and internet industries in South Africa, coming as he does from the Media24 group of companies. He has led international business ventures building large scale electronic publishing solutions and internet portals. He has more recently established NAXiAN Digital Management Solutions as a leader in information life cycle management.


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