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Bankserv Africa is an industry leader in electronic payment and information switching services and is Africaís leading automated payment clearing house. As the trusted partner to the payments industry, including the banks, corporate and government, Bankserv Africa remains the leader in information switching services with world class systems, infrastructure, tools and expertise.

Drawing on 38 years of innovation and trusted service, Bankserv Africa processes in excess of 2.5 billion transactions valued at over $1 trillion annually. This ability to manage high transaction volumes efficiently has resulted in a long, stable and trusted partnership with the South African banking industry.

Mobux and Bankserv partner outside of South Africa to provide innovative, cost-effective mobile account management solutions. Mobux is the technology and solutions provider of choice in the mobile arena outside of South Africa. With operations in a number of African countries, Bankserv and Mobux are rapidly expanding the Mobux solution on the continent.


CelPay is one of the world's first mobile banking companies that combines mobile payments solutions for consumers and corporates. Celpay was awarded Wall Street Journalís Europe Innovation Award in 2003. Celpay has operations in Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo and is soon to launch operations in Tanzania, and Zimbabwe. The Mobux management team founded CelPay in 2002 as part of the Celtel network operatorís drive to expand their value-added service offering. The CelPay infrastructure is currently being replaced with the Mobux systems and architecture. Once again the combination of adaptable, affordable systems and a direct knowledge of the mobile banking market has allowed Mobux to tailor-make the solutions required by CelPay. The CelPay initiative is on a joint venture basis between the parties. In a recent industry conference, CelPay was introduced as the only mobile banking business in Africa that was profitable.

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