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Mobux was formed in 2002 with the aim of developing affordable banking, switching and payment solutions for the African continent. By merging the Mobux switching software with the CardTouch Banking Module, Mobux has created the most cost-effective suite of banking, switching, payments, cellular payments, card issuing and acquiring software in the world today.

Mobux has its headquarters near Zurich in Switzerland, with offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa, and in the US in Atlanta, Georgia.

Enjoying the collective knowledge and experience of one hundred years in the banking arena, and having a clear vision of the future of mobile commerce, Mobux also provides consultancy and bespoke solutions to organisations for transaction processing solutions.

Mobux's customers include mobile operators, blue chip corporations, local, regional and central banks, and major international clearing houses. Mobux works closely with strategic partners to provide customised solutions via bespoke software development and professional services.

Mobux has the unique ability to function both within the mobile commerce space as well as the traditional banking arena. This is enabling us to bridge the gap between wireless technologies and financial switching systems more cheaply and more effectively than the new wave of mobile commerce providers.

Mobux knows mobile, and Mobux knows banking.

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